How to start own Ayurvedic Products Marketing?

I am ——–. I need your help in, I want to marketing of my own 2-3 brand by third party manufacturing.
So what is process??
It need any license for Ayurvedic product?
Or it is compulsory to register a product name or I can marketing by my own particular brand name without registrations.
So please help me to what is the actual process for marketing of my own Ayurvedic brand.


For third party manufacturing, you don’t need any complicated process. You just need brand names and company name, and third party manufacturer of Ayurvedic Products.
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For sale and purchase of Ayurvedic  and Cosmetic products, you don’t need any Drug License Number but for commercial activity, you need Tin/Cst/Vat number. You can also follow private limited company process for registering your company under company act.

Registering product name under Trade mark is not compulsory but for preventing any future problem, we encourage our reader to register brand name under trade name. You can start marketing by your own brand name without registration but at any circumstances this brand name should not resemble to any existing brand name, otherwise you may have to withdraw your brand name from market or may have to face legal proceeding.

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