Which one is better - Pharma Marketing Company or Pharma Manufacturing Company?


I am a MBBS student. I want to open a pharmaceutical company, so please guide me about its procedure, investment and challenges. Also tell difference between pharmaceutical marketing and manufacturing company and which one better suits a beginner.  


Procedure for both type read below by click at link:

For investment, you can read our article: How much investment is required to start pharma company?

Main challenge that you will face is the establishment of your company. Establishing new start-up is more difficult as it seems. Other challenges are: Where to sell, How to sell, how to sustain sale etc.

In marketing company, Company get manufactured its brands from other manufacturing company and sell it but in pharmaceutical manufacturing company, company manufacture its own products and market them.

For beginners, marketing company is best suitable. It is less investment and expensive work as compare to manufacturing company.

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