Where to take drug license if Company registration is at another place?


I Plan to register a company and get into third party manufacturing of pharma products.
I plan to start with 2-3 brands, get it manufactured and it would be marketed by the company i start.
I needed a help –
For above said purpose I will require company registration & Drug Licence for the same. My question is If I register a company in Mumbai, is it mandatory to obtain Drug licence from Mumbai?
OR can we register the company at one place and obtain drug licence from different place?
Need your clarification on this.


You can register your company in Mumbai and can operate from other place. You need to take drug license in area or city where you want to stock, purchase, sell and dispatch pharmaceutical products/medicines/drugs etc.

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  1. Any idea of Online Portal for obtaining Drug Licence in Jharkhand? Understand that it has been inaugurated by the CM in june 2016 but unable to find the link. any idea?

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