Where to Start and What is Procedure to start Pharma Industry?


Hello sir my self ——-, completed my B.pharmacy from pune university in 2015 and now i want to open my own pharma industry for these please guide me where to start, whats the procedure, where to take loan, and also requirement of what things in pharma company, also let me know which is good to start for me in Gujarat,Surat.


We will discuss all your queries serial wise:

1. Where to Start and What is Procedure:

For starting pharma industry, you have two best options: One is Pharma Marketing Company and Second one is Pharma Manufacturing Company.
You can read in detail at clicking link.
You can start either of above two option. Starting depend at your experience. In which field you have experience, you can take your first step. Other than above two, there is also many option in Pharmaceutical Sector. Read here at Top Business opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sector

2. Where to take Loan:

There are number of Financial institutions present which provide loan to industry. You can visit your nearest bank to know complete procedure and documentation regarding approval of loan.

3. Requirements for Starting Pharma Company:

For knowing requirements for starting pharma company, you can click at below links:

  • Pharma Marketing Company
  • Pharma Manufacturing Company.

You can hopefully start any pharma company in Surat, Gujarat.


Thanks for the reply, but as per information I don’t have experience i many thing, and still i want to start my business, is it possible still i can open a company. and i am really to much confuse mfg company is better or marketing. please as u r my tutor i hope u will guide me well in this site..
thanking you.


We will not recommend you to enter into business without any prior experience. If you don’t have any experience then acquire it, learn things to establish business, gain all traits that are required to run a business successfully. Business can’t be successful overnight. Establishing a new business is long process. It requires patience, hard work, knowledge, experience and dedication. You have to learn lot before going into business.

Willing to start business and actuality to start business are two different things. Do job for few year till you feel you have enough experience and qualities to make a new business running.

You confusion answer is here. Read our article: Which one is better – Pharma Marketing Company or Pharma Manufacturing Company?

Hope above information is useful to you…

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