How to know product ( schedule) and Is it in DPCO or not?

How to know product ( schedule) and  Is it in DPCO or not?
What is DPCO?

DPCO is referred to Drug (Price Control) Order which controls the prices of medicines in India. First time DPCO was implemented in 1963.  After that many Drug Price Control Order come in force. Drug Price control order of 1966, Drug Price control order of 1970 issued under the essential commodity Act, 1955 by declaring drugs to be essential commodities under EC Act 1955. Then , Drugs (Prices Control) Order of 1979, Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 1987 issued following the declaration of Drug policy 1978 and drug police 1986. Then DPCO, 1995 come in force under current drug policy of 1994. In 2012, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Policy (NPPP, 2012) were come in existence. Currently forced DPCO is Known as Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013.

What is NPPA?

NPPA is referred to National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority which look after Drug Price Control in India. The NPPA is authority to fix/revise the prices of controlled bulk drugs and formulations and to enforce prices and availability of the medicines in the country.


I want to know product ( schedule) and its in DPCO or not. From which site i can know!
Also top selling molecules in India list. From where I can get.


Updation about dpco products you can read at government national pharmaceutical price authority website: Go to the website. In destop version of website, at left side number of links will be available. Take cursor to List of Notified Price. At this you will find two option, Dpco 1995 and Dpco 2013. Click at DPCO 2013. A list of dpco prices could be find after clicking at CEILING PRICE OF SCHEDULED MEDICINES FIXED/REVISED UNDER DPCO, 2013 ( updated at 30.11.2014).

Schedules of molecules you can study in Drug and Cosmetic Act, 1940. You can download this from Central Drugs Standard Control Organization website from this link: Or for general study you can read it here: Schedule A B C D E F G H H1 I J K M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


I have gone to NPPA site for searching price,
In DPCO 2013 price was ammended upto 2014, whereas in Compedium Price ammended upto Feb-2015, How to Check Latest Ammended Price,
Any membership to Take , Please advise,


Go to

Click at what’s new section placed between Home and DPCO 2013. You have check regularly this site for new updates. All dpco amends is done under DPCO 2013. You will find phrase like :“NPPA has fixed/revised the prices in respect of 45 formulation packs under DPCO, 2013 in related Notification / order dated 24.2.2016”

Price is revised under DPCO 2013 but check date. It is 24.2.2016. It is latest amendmentations
All new updates you will find there….


Thank you very much for your valuable inputs,
Will be in touch for any further help,
Also for new company drug license And product regarding requirement, where to check.


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