Schedule C and C1 Drugs List

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For manufacturing for sale and distribution of Schedule C and C(1) drugs, A license on Form 28 is required which is issued by Drug Department of concerned state government or center government.

For retail selling of these drug, a license on Form 21 is required where as for wholesale and distribution purpose, license on Form 21-B is required.
Below are the list of products that are covered under Schedule C and C(1).
Schedule C:

Biological and Special Products 
  • Sera. 
  • Solution of serum proteins intended for injection. 
  • Vaccines for parenteral injections. 
  • Toxins. 
  • Antigen. 
  • Antitoxins. 
  • Neo-arsphenamine and analogous substances used for the specific treatment of infective diseases. 
  • Insulin. 
  • Pituitary (Posterior Lobe) Extract. 
  • Adrenaline and Solutions of Salts of Adrenaline. 
  • Antibiotics and preparations thereof in a form to be administered parenterally.] 
  • Any other preparation which is meant for parenteral administration as such or after being made up with a solvent or medium or any other sterile product and which- 
  1. requires to be stored in a refrigerator; or 
  2. does not require to be stored in a refrigerator.
  • Sterilized surgical ligature and sterilized surgical suture. 
  • Bacteriophages. 
  • Ophthalmic preparations.
  • Sterile Disposable Devices for single use only.

Schedule C (1): 

Other Special Products

  • Drugs belonging to the Digitalis group and preparations containing drugs belonging to the Digitals group not in a form to be administered parenterally. 
  • Ergot and preparations containing Ergot not in a form to be administered parenterally. 
  • Adrenaline and preparations containing Adrenaline not in a form to be administered parenterally. 
  • Fish Liver Oil and preparations containing Fish Liver Oil. 
  • Vitamins and preparations containing any vitamins not in a form to be administered parenterally. 
  • Liver extract and preparations containing liver extract not in a form to be administered parenterally. 
  • Hormones and preparations containing Hormones not in a form to be administered parenterally.
  • Vaccine not in a form to be administered parenterally. 

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