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What are the things/papers you should keep in mind while purchasing a pharma manufacturing plant in India?


I would like to know what are the things/papers you should keep in mind while buying a pharma manufacturing plant in India?


Things to be consider are:

  • Quality of Machinery and Equipment, its maker & life
  • Quality of spare parts and dies
  • Licenses status and approvals
  • Approved molecules list
  • Production Capacity and Output
  • Number of sections available
  • Regulation approved like GMP/ISO/FDA etc.
  • Plant layout and space
  • Building and premises area, location etc.
  • Company goodwill, market value and credibility
  • Annual turnover and Current clientage
  • Number of technical and non technical staff
  • Working Culture
  • Number of Vendors and availability of raw material
  • Inventory Management System and stocking environment
  • Financial Resources, Loans and Limits of Company etc

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