How to get franchise or pcd distribution of any Pharma/Ayurvedic Company?

Steps for starting Pharma Franchise Marketing:

For starting a Franchise, you don’t need any extra particulars. Most of pharma company will ask for Your Wholesale Drug Licence number and Good and Service Tax Registration. These two, you can arrange from your wholesaler or distributor to whom you want to appoint stockist.
You should plan following things before further processing to avoid problems:

  • First prepare list of molecules or products you want to promote and market. 
  • Search pharma franchise company through google, drug today, cims or any other way… 
  • Ask them whether your location for Franchise Distribution is vacant or not… 
  • If Vacant, ask to mail you price list with net rate and MRP… 
  • You should get Price list for minimum 4-5 companies for Rate comparison, MRP comparison and Range Comparison… 
  • According to their Brand Name, Company Name, Net rate, MRP, or Term and conditions, you can select your company… 
  • While selecting company, be aware about company history and track record. Also confirm that availability of products which you want to market… 
  • After Selecting, make invoice and ask them to send sample catch cover, visual aids, Bag, promotional inputs etc. 

You can call me at below number any time during this process. I will help you whenever it will be possible for me

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