Can Registered Pharmacist of 'X' state, apply for drug license in 'Y' State?

Query:I have few queries, would appreciate your help
1) One of proposed Director of the company is working with a Pharma Company. He is a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science – My question is which state can he register himself as a Pharmacist? Is there any guideline on this
2) And if Say he registers himself in his home state “X”, can he apply for drug licence in different state “Y”
3) Also, Since he is working. Is he entitled register himself as pharmacist and be a director in newly formed company without quitting the job?


He can register himself in any state under pharmacy council of concerning state.
He can be registered in only one state
In state he is registered , he will consider Registered Pharmacist there. If he want to do business in other state, he has to quit pharmacist registration of that state and has to apply for registration of pharmacist of state in which he want to do work as a pharmacist.
Also he can’t continue his job while working as a pharmacist
One person can do permanent job at one place only


Ok. But for obtaining drug licence you don’t necessarily need to be pharmacist… you can be a b.pharma with relevant experience to apply for it.


You necessarily need to be pharmacist or competent person to apply for license.

I mean to say qualification is b.pharma but not registered as pharmacist but have 3 yrs exp in pharma company

He has to be registered pharmacist
Without registration, qualification has no meaning for licensing procedure

Is it so? Was not aware of this that registration with pharmacy council is mandatory for obtaining drug licence.

If he is b. Pharma
Why he didn’t register himself under pharmacy council
That should have his first work after completing his graduation
He still can apply

He went on to do his Post Graduate

After post graduation he can

Thanks for all your inputs

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