Please guide about Franchise/pcd marketing


Please guide about Pharma Franchise/pcd marketing


Franchise in Pharma sector and Ayurvedic Sector is an Authorization of marketing rights for particular district, state, region or country at monopoly rights basis. Company provide goods at net rate basis or fixed rates that are less than from trade price prices so franchisee or distributors can earn enough profit to pay their marketing/promotional expenses and get handsome income. It’s like business partnership where company is products supplier partner and franchisee/distributors are promotional and marketing partner. It is also know as pcd pharma marketing Read in detail about in this article what is pharma/ayurvedic franchise and how does it work.

Now come to requirement for becoming Franchise for any Pharma/Ayurvedic Company:

Generally sales and marketing persons or Distributors prefer to take franchise of company but from some times, doctors also prefer to take franchise. Doctors having good OPD prefer to prescribe his franchise products instead of other companies products and could prevent customer’s expenses and also increases his own income. Most important requirement for becoming franchise is sales and marketing experience. Person should have good hold in market to sell products. It’s like to launching new products in your area.

How much profit one can earn through pharma pcd franchise marketing?
You can divide MRP into following four parts:
Net rates i.e. manufacturing cost + companies profit
Marketing & Promotional expenses
Franchisee/Distributor Margin
C&F/distributor/Chemist margins
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How to choose Pharma franchise/Pcd company:
Choose molecules you want to promote or market.
Send franchise/pcd query to nearly four to five companies
Compare rate and Product list.
Read in detail here Steps for Starting Pharma franchise/Pcd

You can’t disclose net rates to anyone in market. You have to prepare price list containing price to stockist, price to retailer and mrp. You can find here: How to calculate price to stockist and price to retailer?

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