Outlines for minimum investment required for setting up pharmaceutical plant

Please give me an outline of minimum investment for setting up a manufacturing plant in west Bengal. How much capital should i arrange??

Machinery and Area required, you can read in our article: Business Plan for Pharmaceutical Plant, machinery, area required and equipment.

Below pricing is approximate and information purpose only. It can vary. You should ask from quotations from vendor for accurate prices:

Plant Cost ( We are assuming rented premises): Minimum of —– to —–/- rent per month
Hand operated capsule filling machine with loader: – lakhs
Semi automatic Capsule Filling machine along with other parts will cost you near about 12 lakhs
Tablet compressing machine: -.- to – lakhs
Packaging (Alu-alu): — lakhs
Blister Packaging: -to- lakhs
Complete Liquid plant approx.: — lakhs
Other requirements: nearly –to– lakhs

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