Manufacturing of Liquids Dosage Form i.e. Syrups

Manufacturing of Liquids Dosage Form i.e. Syrups

Liquid Manufacturing:

In this article we will discuss about manufacturing process. Documentations, Requirements and other formalities to start Liquid manufacturing company read by clicking this link.

Liquid manufacturing is not a complex process. Most of liquids is prepared in Sugar syrup base except sugar free liquids. Sugar grade and quality should be high. Water used for making syrup is De-mineralized water for prevention of any reaction to mineral present in water with ingredients used for preparation.

Technical Staff:

Non Technical Staff:

  • Machine Operators
  • Helpers
Section Required:
  • Washing Section
  • Sugar Mixing Section
  • Storage Section
  • Filling and Sealing Section
  • Labeling and Packaging Section
Machinery Used:
  • Mixing and storage tanks (stainless steel),
  • Jacketted Kettle / Stainless steel tank (steam, gas or electrically heated).
  • Portable stirrer (electrically operated)
  • A colloid mill or suitable emulsifier (electrically operated)
  • Suitable filtration equipment (electrically operated)
  • Semi-automatic/automatic bottle filling machine
  • Pilfer proof cap sealing machine.
  • Water distillation unit or deioniser
  • Clarity testing inspection units.
Process should be conducted in hygienic conditions under good manufacturing practice. You have to careful about temperature and PH of liquid for stability and homogeneous throughout self life of preparation.

Two type of liquid manufacturing plants are used for liquid manufacturing:

  • Semi-Automatic Plants 
  • Fully Automatic Plants

Procedure of Liquid Manufacturing:

  • Dispensing: Accurately weigh Sugar, active ingredients and other excipients.
  • Take D.M. water in sugar melting vessel.
  • Sugar grading and sieving
  • Transfer sugar into vessel containing D.M. water and mix
  • Heating of vessel with continuous stirring for mixing of sugar in DM water for syrup base 
  • After preparation of syrup base, filter it to remove impurities from it.
  • After filtration transfer again it in sugar melting vessel and add active ingredients & other excipients.
  • Mixed it by stirrer and high speed homogenizer with heating
  • Then leave it for cooling purpose with continuous stirring. 
  • Filter it and transfer it to storage tank (With Stirring). 
  • Passed it through colloid mill for homogeneous mixing
  • Transfer it to floating tank of filling machine by transfer pump system.
  • Fill liquid into bottles of your choice i.e. 100 ml/200 ml/500 ml etc.
  • Place cap to the neck of bottle and sealed it.
  • Send sealed bottle for labeling and packaging purpose

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  1. I have just passed my B Pharm and I want to start small unit of syrup as a loan license so I require details of it.

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