Who is Production Supervisor? Definition, Job Responsibilities and Qualification

Production Supervisor:
Production Supervisor is a person who look after all daily activities of work and follow the instruction of manufacturing chemist. We can say, Production supervisor as semi-technical person to conduct, initiate and perform all manufacturing processes. Number of supervisors present into a unit depend at work load and production capacity of any manufacturing unit. A Production supervisor directly report to manufacturing chemist regarding daily routine.

How can we define Production Supervisor?
A Production Supervisor can be define as a person who is responsible for maintaining whole production at ground level and meet the defined standards for quality, efficacy and sustainability.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for maintaining and implementing Quality System
  • Take care of activities fall under his department
  • Direct supervisions to the professional, direct and indirect staff
  • Ensure manufacturing plans is achieved
  • Ensure quality, efficacy and sustainability of Product
  • Implement instruction received from Manufacturing Chemist
  • Coordinate with Quality control department for proper testing and quality
  • Execute production and resource schedule against production plan
  • Follow SOPs and ensure all activities should be perform as per SOPs.
  • Process monitoring, including manipulation of databases, documents and/or spreadsheets to support business reporting requirements
  • Review of completed manufacturing documentation per compliance standards and established timelines
  • Investigate and resolve problems, identifying root cause, and proposing process improvements through clear communication to senior management
A Production Supervisor is considered as future Production Chemist. Qualification required for becoming Production supervisor is almost same as of production Chemist. But there is no experience required for starting job as production supervisor. Some companies require minimum of certain time period experience to start job as production supervisor.
Most of companies look minimum qualification of graduate in Pharmacy or Science for recruiting production supervisor.
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