What does it mean by Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date, Batch Number, Finished Product?

Lot or Batch:

Batch or lot means a quantity of any product in dosage form, a raw material or a packaging material, homogeneous within specified limits, constituting all or part of a single batch and identified by a distinctive lot number which appears on the label of the finished product;

Lot Number or Batch Number:

Lot number or batch number means a distinctive number provided to a lot or batch.

Expiry Date:

Expiry Date is a date mentioned at label in form of a year and month after that it is not recommended to consume a medicine or health product. It is the date till a medicine or a health product will maintain its purity and physical characteristicks and its medicinal ingredient maintain its efficacy and potency as indicated or prescribed.

Manufacturing Date:

Manufacturing Date is date mentioned at label in a form of a year and month at which a medicine or health products is packed in its finished product form.

Finished Product:

Finished Product means a medicine or health product packed in final forma and ready for use and dispatch after completing all quality measures and specification.

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