Is it compulsory to have distributor to sell my products to retailers?


It is kind to get reply from, you it really helps new entrepreneurs like me. I got information from you earlier also which proved very useful. Thank you for your help.

I again need some help regarding pharma marketing, hope you would be able to help me out.
I want to start Pharma marketing for which I would need a wholesale pharma license. Once I receive my products can I sell it to retailers from the same license or I need a separate wholesale license for sell to retailers?
Also guide me that is it compulsory to have distributor to sell my products to retailers or I can do it by myself using my license?


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Its not compulsion to appoint distributors But we will recommend you to appoint distributor to supply to chemists or you make wholesale firm to bill to chemists. It will help you in many regards like:

  • Masking your local touch: If you bill directly to retailers, they will know what is company base and will demand more margin. 
  • Masking Companies Profile: In any case, you should not disclose to anyone that you are owner of this company. Show you are manager in this company till your company achieve some level. You can prevent many initial problems by this.
  • Concentrate at sales and Marketing: If you appoint distributor, supply of products will be his work. You will only have to concentration at sales and marketing only. This will be helpful in boosting sale.

In confusion about you have to appoint distributor or not, Ask yourself about pro and cons of both things.

  • Who will handle product supply to chemists?
  • Can distributor justify work as compare to his margin?
  • Can you easy look after work that one distributor look after?
  • Who will be responsible for payment collection?
  • and many more

After finding the answers to all these. You can decide what to do.

Hope above information is useful to you…

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