How to take distributorship of Generic Medicines?


I am a pharmacist. I start wholesale of generic pharmaceutical products. so give information about 
(1) for generic wholesale to take agency is require? 
(2) if yes ,how to take agency? 
(3) if not how to purchase goods for wholesale?


There is not any specific or special requirements for generic medicine agency. You just need wholesale drug license to start wholesaling of medicines, no matter whether medicines are generic, branded or OTC.

For generic medicines wholesaling, you need to get distributorship or stockist ship of any generic company, in other words, we can say it agency. Or you can start by taking generic medicines from any other stockist but that will increase cost of products and will decrease your margin.

For taking stockist ship, you need to contact pharma companies those sell generic medicines. 

Contact them. 
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  1. I am not a pharmacist wat shall I do, I am interested to open a shop

  2. I’m not a farmacist .I’m interested open the shop. What is systems. Kindly inform me please.

  3. I’m not a farmacist.I’m interested open the shop. What is systems. Kindly inform me please.

  4. sir i need to open a shop . i will serve this medicine in our localities..
    what are the procedures which gor open this generic medical shop

  5. I am not a farmacist but I am interested to open a shop/distributor ship in Jharkhand. Could you please provide me the procedure to open the store.

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