How to start Pharma wholesale Distribution Business?


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I am pharmacist i opened my chemist shop few months ago. Now i want to open a wholesale drug distribution company in my area.
1. I have my own license and i know the procedure to get wholesale drug license.
2. And i have my own godown of 50 gaj. Will it be sufficient for wholesale business?
3. And how to get contacts of those whom i have to contact for supplies? I mean to say that from where to get goods for sale and whats the conditions of c&f or direct company?
4. Which will be better ethical or generic drug distribution?How much of margin is there in both of them?
5. Whats the minimum investment required?


1. Procedure to get wholesale drug license read at our article: How to start wholesale drug license?
2. 50 gaj area is sufficient for starting wholesale drug license.
3. You can contact pharma companies through phone, mail or visiting to them for distribution ship. Read in detail at our article: How to become Distributor?
4. Both ethical and generic drug distribution has own pro and cons. Margin is approximately same in both type of distribution. You can start both distribution in single time. read in detail about difference between generic and ethical
5. Investment required depend at product selection and company delection.

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