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how to get the building WHO gmp machinery and other thing?


We would like to know the details of how to get the building WHO gmp machinery and other thing also 3rd party . Have you can help send to me the details in my this mail I’d thank you

For getting license of allopathic and ayurvedic manufacturing, you need to fulfill all basic requirements. You can read all requirement in our below articles:

For Allopathic company read here

For Ayurvedic Company Read Here

After fulfilling all requirements, you have to visit state drug controller for allopathic and AYUSH department for Ayurvedic Products Manufacturing license.

For knowing third party manufacturing read our article: What is third party manufacturing? How it works?

For building and space requirement for Ayurvedic Manufacturing read: Area and Machinery required for Ayurvedic medicines manufacturing? For GMP machinery contact machinery manufacturers. You can search online for their contact numbers.

For Allopathic medicines read: Requirements and Challenges to start pharma manufacturing units

Above links will redirect you to information, you are looking for. These articles we have written to provide knowledge to our readers.

Hope above information was useful to you…

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