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Eye/Ear/Nasal Drops Manufacturing and Eye Ointment Plant

Ear and Ear are most sensitive parts of our body. A minor mistake can become serious problem, so everyone should be careful during manufacturing and use. Here we are going to discuss some important inputs regarding manufacturing of eye/ear and nasal preparations. Strict aseptic and sterile conditions is required in manufacturing of these preparations.

Technical Staff:

Non Technical Staff:

  • Machine Operators
  • Helpers

Types of Eye/Ear/Nasal Preparations

  • Single Dose Preparations
  • Multiple Dose Preparations

Dosage form of Eye/Ear/Nasal Preparations:

  • Drops
  • Lotions
  • Ointments
  • Washes
Section Required:

  • Warehouse
  • Washing Section
  • General Production Section
  • Weighing, mixing and Transfer Section
  • Sterilization Section
  • Filling Section
  • Capping and Sealing Section
  • Labeling and Packaging Section

Equipments and Machinery Required for Eye/Ear/Nasal Drops:

  • Wax mixing vessel
  • mixing vessel / storage vessel
  • Transfer pumps 
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Autoclav
  • Dry Heat Sterilization equipments 
  • Eye/Ear/Nasal Drop Filling Machine 
  • Capping and Sealing Machine

Procedure for manufacturing of Eye/Ear/Nasal Drops:

  • Dispensing of raw material (Active ingredient, Excipients, preservatives, vehicle etc)
  • Accurately Weigh and measured quantity should be dispensed
  • Sterilized Plastic or glass containers are used for filling drops
  • Prepare a solution of vehicle with adding active ingredients, preservatives, excipients and other substances
  • Make-up volume by adding more vehicles
  • Filter this solution for removing any foreign and suspended particle
  • Clarified solution is filled into final container
  • Next step is sterilization. Sterilization involves autoclaving, Filtration (membrane filter 0.22 µg pore size into sterile containers using strict aseptic technique) and dry heat sterilization (For non aqueous preparations)
  • Cover the container with breakable seal and Seal the container
  • Now sealed container go for labeling and packaging

Equipments and Machinery Required for Ointments:

  • Wax mixing vessel
  • mixing vessel / storage vessel
  • Transfer pumps 
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Semi Automatic Tube Filling Sealing & Coding Machine 
  • Automatic Tube Filling Sealing & Coding Machine
  • Sealing Machine
  • Labeling and Packaging Machine 

Procedure for Manufacturing of Eye Ointments:

  • Dispensing of all ingredients included active ingredients, Liquid Paraffin etc
  • Small sterile collapsible tubes is used for filling of eye ointments
  • Prepare a sterile ointment base
  • Finely powdered active ingredient / sterilized concentrated solution incorporated into sterile ointment base
  • Fill the ointment into sterile tube
  • Seal, label and send for packaging

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