what are the documents required to start own drug company through contract manufacturing?


Your article at pharmafranchisehelp.com was immensely helpful. thank you!

My name is Tabish and i’m a resident of Patna,Bihar and currently i am in the lookouts to start my own drug manufacturing. I intend to avail contract manufacturing facility for products that i can sell.
In addition to that helpful article of yours,i would be immensely grateful if you can help me with the below mentioned queries as well.

What are the documents required to start my own drug manufacturing company (manufacturing here refers to getting medicines manufactured through contract manufacturing )?

What are the approvals ,i need to get before initiating the manufacturing of a particular composition?
Already, thankful for your efforts.


You will need whole sale drug license number and sale tax number of your company to start company through contract manufacturing. Read in detail about starting company through contract manufacturing by clicking here

Regarding approvals read our article: How to get approval of pharma products?

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