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Do I need two licenses one for whole sale and other for marketing my own drug?


I am registered pharmacist from Uttar Pradesh, apart from that i am M.pharm from pharmacology. I am interested in starting my own pharma business at Allahabad (U.P). I want to start pharma whole sale business also i am interested in starting my own company who sells the product of their own brand name but manufactured by other company.

For example i want to sell ciprofloxacin tablet by my own brand name like cipar (Marketed by —– pharma and mfg by — pharma). What is the procedure?

Do i need two licenses one for whole sale and other for marketing my own drug?
Is there any benefit if i have medical store license?
If I have medical store license will it be enough for whole sale business.
Please guide me.


You need only single wholesale license for it. You can take wholesale license from name of Company you want to start. Also you need of sale tax number for doing business transaction. Read whole process here

You have to get manufactured your products at third party basis for launching your brands as you want. Read whole third party process here

Medical store license is retail license where wholesale license is different thing. Medical store license can’t work like wholesale drug license. If you have retail license, you can get only single benefits of selling medicines directly to patients at prescription.

Hope this information will be helpful to you…

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  1. Pradip says:

    Hey i complted bsc but now i want to start my pharma frenchies can i start with distibuter patnership who has licens &
    Minimum investment of start the company

    1. yes sir..
      you can start with partner who has license. You can start pharma franchise as low as 5000/-

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