Six Super Foods to be Used by Entrepreneurs this Winter Season for Healthy Working Days

Winter season has been arrived. During season change and winter most of person will be suffered from many diseases like cold, cough, fever and chest congestion etc. You can prevent yourself from any complication this winter by eating and taking healthy diet. For every entrepreneur, it’s time to take some rest and do a fresh start. In Pharmaceutical Sector, We consider it as off season. Only selective products could be sold during this period. Most of doctors take vacation and go for trips in this season. Every entrepreneur will want to complete all his pending works which he wasn’t able to complete during work pressure. It is also time to launch new products, promote it, so you can reap its advantage during demanding season. For doing this works and think & act healthy, you will need to be healthy during winter season. We started a series of article for providing some health tips for entrepreneurs this winter. Read previous article in this series: Why Should Every Entrepreneur replace Sugar from Jaggery?

Super Food 1: Millet (बाजरा): Millet keeps our body warm. It keeps us away from cough and cold during winter season. Millet is reach source of Protein. It contains more protein as compare to other foods. It also contains Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, fibers, vitamins and anti oxidants in adequate amount.

Super Food 2: Ginger (अदरक): Ginger is helpful in treating cold, cough and respiratory disease. Ginger contains an active ingredient known as gingerol along with many others. Pungent taste of Ginger is due to ingredient gingerol. Gingerol helps our body to fight against winter.

Super Food 3: Honey (शहद ): Honey has a unique property to balance neurological system of our body only by putting honey at tongue. Honey contains 75% carbohydrates which keeps our mind cool. Other than carbohydrates, it contains protein, albumin, enzyme, amino acids, iodine, iron, copper, manganese, potassium, vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, vitamin C, H and other vitamins etc. Honey contains more vitamins as compare to any other food.

Super Food 4: Garlic (लहसुन): Garlic helps in keeping our stomach healthy by removing constipation especially in winter and also provides warm to our body. If garlic is taken empty stomach, it prevents cough and respiratory diseases. Garlic contains an active constituent known as allicin which is a natural antibiotic and prevents our body from diseases. Pungent taste of garlic produces warm to body and helps in producing sweat and eliminate toxic elements from body. Garlic also increase sexual power.

Super Food 5: Peanut (मूंगफली): Peanut provides moisture and softness to our body if used in winter. It is the rich source of Omega-6 fatty acids which is an essential part of many functions into body. It is also good source of calcium and vitamins which helps in providing strength to bones. Many ingredients in Peanut provides warmness to body and keep our body away from cold.

Super Food 6: Sesame (तिल): Sesame is a rich source of protein, calcium, vitamin B complex and carbohydrates. Sesame also contains anti-oxidants in good amount. Massage of Sesame oil provides warm to body. Sesame and Misri kadha can cure oldest & heavy cough. Each 100 gm of Sesame contains 573 calories. It helps in preventing from virus and bacterial infections.

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