Seven Reasons Why Should Every Entrepreneurs replace Sugar (चीनी) with Jaggery (गुड)?

We struggle to become successful during thirties. After thirties, when we get success, we feel, we are not in condition to enjoy it. Our body is surrounded by many diseases. After 35, most of entrepreneurs and employees suffer from many complications. There are many causes for this and one main reason is our diet habits. Why not we build healthy habits, so we can enjoy our success even after 35? Take your health as serious aspect in life and make a healthy routine. Health is most important aspect of life. There is a saying, “Health is Wealth”. We earn for a prosperous and healthy life. Without health, there isn’t any value of money and success. So, here we want to share some healthy tips for you about diet, exercise and office work culture. Today we will discuss about a very Healthy Food and we can say it king of Sweetness. Today we are discussing about Jaggery. Raw and easy digestible form obtained from sugar cane.

Jaggery is used in form of solid or semi-solid form. It is brownish color material prepared from sugar cane. Sugar is also obtained from sugar cane but there is lot of difference in manufacturing of both, so there is lot of difference in benefits of both. Today we will discuss about benefits of using Jaggery. Fresh Jaggery is now available in market along with Traditional Sugar (शक्कर). Jaggery and Traditional Sugar (शक्कर) is our ancient dishes and still use in rural area at large extent. It is easily available too in market.

Sugar is white poison where as Jaggery is nectar. Most of diseases are caused by presently available sugar. If we switch to Jaggery from sugar we can maintain good health and prevent from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, acidity, stone formation etc.

Why Jaggery (गुड) is more beneficial than Sugar (चीनी) ?

  1. Easy Digestion: Jaggery require only 100 Cal to be digested into body where as Sugar require minimum of 500 Cal for digestion. 
  2. Calcium Supplement: Jaggery is good source of Calcium. Calcium is necessary for bones, muscle and other activities in body. Calcium is main constituent of our bones. 99% of calcium is stored in our bones and muscle and provide adequate hardness and strength to them. Remaining calcium is available for other essential activities like heart functioning and blood flow etc. Whereas during sugar manufacturing, calcium is destroyed, so Sugar doesn’t contain any Calcium supplement.
  3. Alkalizer: Jaggery has alkaline property. It produces base into body and prevent problems like acidity, indigestion and constipation. It also improves our Excretory System and helps in preventing formation of stone. Whereas Sugar produces acid into body and increase problems like acidity, indigestion and constipation etc. 
  4. Minerals: Jaggery is rich source of Minerals. It contains Iron, Phosphorous, Calcium, Magnesium, copper, potassium and many more essential minerals which are essential for our body and provide growth and strength to our body. Whereas Sugar only contain Carbohydrate and don’t contain any essential ingredients. Jaggery contains 5 times more minerals as compare to brown sugar and 50 times more minerals as compare to sugar.
  5. Aphrodisiac: Jaggery provide us great amount of essential nutrients. It helps in improving sexual potency and desire by providing essential nutrients to body whereas Sugar decreases our sexual desire by putting excessive work load at body during digestion and excretion.
  6. Blood Clotting: Jaggery has nutritional value equal to Honey. Eating Jaggery is similar to honey consumption. Jaggery is helpful in preventing blood clotting and heart diseases. Whereas Sugar increases chances of blood clotting and heart diseases.
  7. Migraine: Jaggery is helpful in preventing headache and migraine. It also helpful in preventing diseases caused by weather change. Whereas sugar consumption has to be avoided during migraine.

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