Pharmaceutical manufacturing company in small budget

I want establish a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in small budget as soon as possible so, kindly guide the right path to me.


Pharmaceutical manufacturing company can be started with investment vary depend at sections. Liquid/syrup section can be started with low investment whereas parenteral plant is high investment plant.

You can choose section in your pharmaceutical manufacturing plant depend at your investment. Read Documents and procedure required to start pharma manufacturing company

Sales and marketing plays a vital role in establishing any company. You should have adequate orders as per your plant capacity for smooth running of you business. Sale can be generated by manufacturing at third party basis or by selling own brand name products.

For establishing manufacturing with small budget start with single section e.g. only liquid manufacturing company or only tablet manufacturing or capsule or powder or any other single section. When you will feel one section is running smoothly, then add another section. Single section requires less area and less machinery & staff etc. It also require less investment. Area required for starting pharmaceutical manufacturing read here.

If you have very less investment money, starting with food and dietary supplement company is not bad idea. Nutraceuticals like vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron etc has huge demand in market. Food and dietary supplement company requires less investment and few requirements as compare to pharma manufacturing unit. After establishing your food manufacturing unit, you can start with medicine manufacturing.

Food manufacturing unit will also give you own manufacturing unit experience with less headache because ot requires very less regulations and requirements to start and run.

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