What is Order Book? Types and how to prepare Order Book?

Order book

As name indicate, Order Book use to note down the order receipt from customer. It is an important accessory carry by sales and marketing professionals in every sector and medical representative, office executives, marketing staffs etc in pharmaceutical sector. It may be manual, printed and/or electronic.

Definition of Order Book:

It is defined as a document in which new orders are entered as received from new customers and/or existing customers.

Important Parts:

It may contain following parts:

Company Details:

  • Name, Address and other details of the Company
  • Logo of the Company
  • Contact Number if necessary

General Details:

  • Order Number
  • Date

Customer Details:

  • Name of Customer with other particulars
  • Stockiest and/or CNF address
  • Station Name
  • Bank
  • Transport
  • GST Number
  • Drug License Number if applicable

Product Details:

  • Serial Number
  • Brand Name of Product
  • Packing
  • Quantity
  • Rate
  • MRP
  • Any other Particulars if any

Footer Section:

  • Signature of Representative
  • Signature of Customer

Types of Order Book:

It can be designed as per business need and parts of order book could be changed as per your need. If you are manufacturing company and take order of third party manufacturing at office level then requirements will be different from order book carry by sales representative in field. Its types and pattern is changeable according to need.

Types of it can be divided according to its

  • Manual
  • Printed
  • Electronic

Manual Order Book:

Many small companies and firms use to write order at any dairy, plain paper or pad etc. These are simple forms of order book and writing down order with all specification of product and quantity.

Printed Order Books:

Make a pattern of order book as per need and print it in form of book for carrying and maintaining easily. These printed Order Books have at least two copies per page. One for customer and second for own record. Number of copies can be more as per need. You can print your it from any printer in formats attached into article linked below:

Download Format

Electronic Order Book:

Now companies and firms start to note down orders in Computers, laptops and other gadgets. Order maintenance through excel sheet and/or software come under electronic order book. Simply you can manage order in Excel Sheet or can purchase any inventory software.

Inventory software can be available as free or as a paid basis. You can purchase or select best suitable inventory software for you as per your need.

Below we will discuss how to make a order book in Excel Format. Excel Order Book may be good option for Office Executives to easily maintain orders of customers, check status of new and previous orders.

Step by Step Demo to make an it in Excel:

You can also download Format for Excel by Following Link: Download Order register Format in Excel

1. Open Excel Sheet

2. Create Work Sheet of Each Customer like Customer 1, Customer 2, and Customer 3 etc. You can create sheet according to number of customer present at you.

3. Index is important to easily navigate to each customer. Prepare a navigation index in above cells as shown in image below. Make it in first sheet and copy and paste to remaining sheets.

4. Make a title bar for description of entries in sheet. Parts of title bar include order number, date, product name, quantity, packing, rate, mrp and status etc.

5. Now give links to navigation index by selecting cell in index as discussed above. Press Click + K. Change link type to Place in the Document and select work sheet of name as shown in image below

6. Repeat the process for each customer in index and you have done.

: Download Format in Excel


Advantage of Order Book in excels:

  • Easily Check Pending Orders and Status of Orders
  • Can easily check old dated orders and specifications
  • Time Saving Process

Hope above information is helpful to you…

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