Is it necessary to get own product (Brand Name) registered?

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Is it necessary to get own product (Brand Name) registered? If yes, then what is the procedure? For example, suppose we want launch paracetamol tablet by brand name “ABCD”, then is it necessary to get the name registered or on the carton it will be written Paracetamol Tablet 500 mg, followed by Brand name “ABCD”


Its not mandatory to register the brand name but for safeguard of your brand name and preventing from any future problem regarding brand name conflict, it become important to get brand name registered. Your product’s name will be registered at trademark registry.

Few year back, drug department gives approval by brand to manufacturers and marketed by companies name were mention there. Now manufacturers get approval through generic name. No brand name approval required.

Brand name is much more than simple name. It is not possible for start-up companies to get trademark registration for all their products. But company name and few important brands should be under trade mark registration. Government registration fees is near about 4000/- per brand name. Commonly it is handled by advocates those deals with trade marks registration. They also include their fees with it. They charge for 1000 to 3000/- per brand as their fees.

Trademark Registration process is long procedure. But meanwhile you can write TM at your brand name just after getting trade mark number. After applying for trade mark registration, you have to wait up to 2 year for your product as registered if it clears all formalities. In case, objection by government or third party objection, you have to attend hearing and can take more time.

Few person do the trade mark procedure by themselves. But most of companies hire persons to do it for them.

In starting you can go without trade mark registration if you have low budget. But before choosing your brand name, you should search all detail about it. You can search for brand name at . Be alert while choosing brand names. Some time after finishing manufacturing, you find other brands with same name are available in market.

You can give any name to manufacturer for any molecule but manufacturer will take affidavit regarding brand name conflict. At affidavit, you have to mention that brand name is your sole property and manufacturer will not responsible for any brand name conflict. At carton,Both salt name and brand name will be mentioned. If you want to start generic marketing brand names don’t put much effect. But in Branded or PCD marketing, Brand Names are key for your success. Don’t under estimate the power of your brand name. In market, people will recognize you with your company name and brand name.

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