How much investment required to start Dermatological Products marketing company...


I m from u.p. I want to open pharma company with four brand…molecule is itraconazole cap, terbinafine cream, sertaconazole cream, ketoconazole cream..
Can tell me sir how much budget require what was procedure to start a pharma marketing company.


Procedure and documentation, you can read here: How to start pharmaceutical company?

You will need whole sale drug license and tin for starting pharma marketing company. Approximate governmental documentation fees will be nearly —- + —- = —–

Estimated budget for these four products:

Packing material cost: Batch size may be reduced to minimum quantity but packing material will be manufactured in full quantity…

Cylinder charges: 1500/- per product(Single color)
2500/- per product(Double color)

For capsules:
Box quantity: 2000 pc * 2/- = 4000/-
Foil: 8 kg * 480 = 3840/-

Creams or ointments per product: Lumi tube: 10000 pc*2/-= 20000/-
Box: 2000 pc * 1.5/-= 3000/-

Total packing material cost for these four products is 82000-85000/-
Plus approval charges of 2000/- per products.

Actual third party costing of above mentioned products, we don’t have at present. So, approximately we are providing:

Itraconazole could be approximately: – to – rs per tablet. Minimum of 20000 tablets could be manufactured of Itraconazole.
Approximately: -0000/- to -0000/-

Creams you mentioned may have similar/nearby costings i.e. -/- to -/- per 20 gm. Minimum of 2000 pieces batch will be gone in manufacturing. Costing of each cream could be approximately –000—000/-.
Total products manufacturing cost will be approx. minimum of i.e. -0000+–000+–000+–000=–000/-

It will be more than –000/-. You should consider it one lakh before going in process.
Now total cost is -000+–000+-000+–000= —000/-


It’s all expanses include with drug license and how much cost going to
company register and sir please tell me how to make drug license and how much
cost to make drug license. Please tell me whole budget..
Initially company will start in Bareilly.


Actual cost of drug license is government fees only….

But bribery bears major portion. Not confirmed but in UP, drug office took approximately – lakh as bribery for providing whole sale drug license number..

Private limited company registration cost is approximately –000/-. Plus tin number is -000/-.

With products you can assume cost will be nearly 3 to 4 lakh rupees. Procedure and documents for drug license read here: How to start pharma company?

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