Important aspects of Starting Pharma Marketing Company?

Now i have some more questions related to Pharma marketing company {own brand}.
I want to know about Drug License number registration for marketing company. And other documents require for this process. What about premises of shop for this type of business. And what are the process for GST registration? For whom I will have to contact. Kindly guide me.

For drug license number, you will have to visit drug inspector office. Complete all requirements of drug license as mentioned in our article: How to start pharma company? and visit to district drug inspector office.

GST can be applied online and check how can you apply for How to apply for GST?

Shop you required should be at least 10 square meter in space and shouldn’t be occupied by any other work. Area doesn’t impact more, it could be area where you can easily do work.Hope this information will be helpful to you…

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