I want to open my third party manufacturing company


I want to open my third party manufacturing company , can you please guide me how to start it , from where to get orders for the products to manufacture (job work).I have contacts or links to get products manufactured ,as i am from baddi (himachal pradesh) excise free zone . So please guide me how to start it and about requirements.


Read requirement to start pharma manufacturing company here

If you want to get manufactured products from other manufactures and then you will need own wholesale drug license and tin number to work as intermediate. If you want to work without license and want billing done directly by manufacturer to marketing company then you can’t survive in long term.

You can start by setting-up pharma company by taking whole sale drug license and tin number. Show others that you have own manufacturing unit. Your customers will be marketing companies. Find marketing companies addresses through google, drug books, web portals etc. Contact them, if possible visit to them. Send quotations and get orders from them.

After receiving orders from marketing companies, send orders to manufacturers at your own behalf. Receive payment at your account and pay from your account. Don’t let contact manufacturer directly to marketing company. Otherwise you will lose the deal.

This type of work is done by some marketing companies also. They receive order from someone and send to manufacturer. They fix certain margin in it.
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