I am interested to start pcd or franchisee of Big pharma company

I am interested to start pcd or franchisee of Big pharma company


I am interested to start pcd or franchise of big pharma company and am having 15 years of Experience in big company like Torrent, Lupin, Medley as MR and Manager Level…I am having License to start. Please provide details. Thanks


It is good option to proceed your career with pharma franchise company. Having 15 year experience will give you solid start in your entrepreneur journey. It will take you toward self employment.
For starting franchise of pharma company, firstly you have to prepare mentally for starting your own marketing. To start with franchise company is like to launch a new company in territory about which no one knows about name and efficacy of products. It takes time to establish a new company. So, be sure about you have enough finance or other source of income to survive in initial stage of your franchise marketing.
You have to invest both in product and market. So, start at small level and expand it gradually. If you are unaware about pharma franchise or pcd concept. You can read here : What is pharma franchise and how it works? . 
Second thing you need to know about how much you have to invest to start pharma franchise marketing. It vary company to company and product to product. You should start with lowest inventory as possible in start.
Next you have to careful about things before starting franchise marketing.
Read here to know complete about procedure, inventory, problems, income, future, precautions etc. 
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