How to start own business of disposal syringe?


My name is ———- from Gorakhpur. I want to start my own business of disposal syringe but I
don’t have any kind of idea in this business.

I want to know that to start the business what should I have to do please help me and provide me all the information regarding the investments, machines and all the process to start the business.
Kindly help me out so that I can start me own business in gorakhpur and if possible inform me from where I can get all the necessary things to start my business as well as raw materials.
Waiting for your Reply. Reply me as soon as possible.

Response:You need to fulfill documentation, we discussed in our article: How to start Medical Device Manufacturing company?

Investment will depend at capacity of plant. Roughly investment is as follow:

Rent of premises: —– to —–
Licensing and documentation: —— to – lakh
Machinery and equipment is approximately — lakhs

List of documentations, machinery and procedure to manufacture disposable syringe read by clicking here

Hope above information was useful to you…

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