How to Register Ayurvedic Products before Launching in Market?


My Name is ———- and I have been researching on ayurvedic medicines from last two years. I have come up with a solution for problem related to stress, low energy, low libido in men. I want to manufacture this product and sell this product in market. I have been told that one needs clinical trails at government hospital to get the drug manufacturing licence. Can you please help me here, following are the areas i need help.
1) Is it true that without government clinical trails you can’t get drug manufacturing licence?
2)if yes then how do i get these clinical trails done.
3) My product is very simple in nature it few roots dried and mixed together, there no chemical and no other compound it totally plant based. I want to start on small scale and gradually grow. How do I meet the requirements of machinery in drug licence.
4) I can even make these medicines from home can I sell like this?
5) How do the get the required technical staff on board as required for drug manufacturing licence.

Kindly help me with this. thanks a lot


There is certain formalities to manufacture ayurvedic products.

1) You will not need for any clinical trial report for ayurvedic medicine to get approval from ayush department of concern state. You just need to fulfill medicine detail with herbs, quantity with reference book etc. Read: How to Register Ayurvedic Products before Launching in Market?
2) N/A
3) Most of ayurvedic products is manufactured by using herbs or plant parts. If you want to sell it as a Ayurvedic Medicine, you will need to take Ayurvedic Manufacturing License. Read complete procedure for Ayurvedic Manufacturing License Here
4) You can’t manufacture any ayurvedic medicines at home for commercial use except in some conditions. You can get manufactured these products from other manufacturers at third party manufacturing basis.
5) You have to hire technical staff i.e. manufacturing chemist and analytical chemist. Certain Job placement agencies can help in finding staff for you.

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