How to recognize a Loan License Manufacturer and Third Party Manufacturer?

How to recognise whether it is manufacturer or loan license manufacturer or third party manufacturer?


Manufacturer is a manufacturer. It’s not like a manufacturer or loan license manufacturer or third party manufacturer. Loan licensing and third party manufacturing are the services that are provided by any manufacturer. All have same things and manufacturing facilities. A manufacturer only, manufacturer for its and has own marketing also where as third party or loan license manufacturer don’t have own marketing or has little marketing of own products so they indulge in manufacturing of other companies products.

It is difficult to recognize at first look whether it is a manufacturer or loan license manufacturer or third party manufacturer. To recognize manufacturer, check its advertisement or go to manufacturer website and check about its services. Or/and contact at number given in manufacturers advertisement or website and ask about his services. Otherwise it couldn’t be recognize by seeing a manufacturers name and plant.

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  1. We are manufacturing – A, our product on ‘Loan License” at one GMP company-B The marketing company C is situated in other state.

    Is it necessary to include GMP company’s -B- name along with our name -A- as manufacturer, or only address is sufficient ?

    1. If you are getting your product at loan licensing basis from manufacturing Company B, then packaging label contain manufactured by address like:
      Manufactured by:
      Your Marketing Company C Name
      Only Address of manufacturing plant Company B

      You can only write address of plant of GMP company B below your marketing company name

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