General Sales Manager (GM-Sales) and its key Responsibilities!

General Sales Manager is one of the highest position in pharmaceuticals sales team, After lot of struggle and experience, a sales person reached at position of general manager. All zones, ares, territories are come under his work area. He is directly responsible for sale in his working area. Top management asked all questions regarding sales and development from a General Sales manager (sales). A employee thinks if he will have at higher position, he has to face less problems and work load but in reality as position upgrades, work pressure also increase. At higher position, physical and field works are minimal but mental work & pressure is increased. GM-Sales has to handle and keep motivated his whole team of Zonal Managers, Regional Sales Manager, Area Sales Managers and Medical Representatives. He is directly responsible for sale of each and every pharmaceutical company whether it is big pharma or small pharma. Role and Responsibility of GM-Sales is almost same in all companies.

How can we define General Sales Manager or GSM or GM-Sales?

General Manager Sales is defined as a head of sales department who makes strategy and business plan for sales growth and work to implement it at ground level by instructing, motivating and inspiring his team members to generate more sale by persuading to doctors to prescribe their drugs to patients, provide product information, answer their queries, provide information about how to use a drug along with dose required, keep doctor upto date about latest changes in medical sciences, deliver products sample etc. with promoting company and products.

GM-Sales is categorized as first line sales officer’s job in pharmaceutical Sector:

Key Responsibilities of General Manager Sales:

  • Making Long term and Short Term Goals for business development of Company 
  • Coordinating between Company management and his team members 
  • Making Business plans and strategies 
  • Review and Analysis of implementation of business plans and strategies 
  • Reviewing monthly, quarterly and yearly sale of zone. 
  • Keep in regular contact with team members and maintain healthy communication & relationship 
  • Market review of new products and services 
  • Regular attending monthly, quarterly and yearly meeting of company 
  • Keeping up to date about company products, services and schemes 
  • Monitoring activities, products and services of competitors 
  • Keeping balance between corporate life and field life 


Qualification for a General Manager Sales varies company to company. Having 3 to 4 years of experience as Zonal sales manager is considered good for recruiting a ZASM as GM. Most of companies recruit GM from its zonal sales manager staff members but some time GM is recruited from outside the company.

Required Character sticks of a Zonal Sales Manager:

  • Complete Sales Packages means should have all qualities to sell any product 
  • Futuristic Approach 
  • Experimental and competitive in nature 
  • Generous personality 
  • Management ability
  • Others Same as Medical Representative

How can one find General Sales Manager’s Job?

Companies recruit General Sales Manager from internal team but some time they recruit from other companies either through consultants or through online job portals. Internal references also play main role in recruitment. One can find GM jobs at Job portals like and, and other job portals, Or can apply directly in company.

How much area is covered by a General Sales Manager?

Area coverage of a General Sales Manager is depend at Company’s Policy. Company may recruit a general manager for 2 or 3 or more zones depend at company sales, turnover, area and many other factors. Many factors effect company recruitment policy for area given to a General Sales manager.

To whom does a General Sales Manager submit his reports?

A General Sales Manager is head of department. He collects report from all team members and prepare data base. Periodically sales analysis and project reports is to be submitted at company’s management.

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