How much cost required to set-up pharma marketing company office?


I would like to set up Head office of a Pharmacy marketed by company in Bhopal. Please give me details of Office-set up cost.


As you mentioned, you need details of office set-up cost for your marketed by pharmacy company. Head office cost depend upon many factors like number of staff, location, decoration, rent etc. Mainly two type of office set-up is generally preferred by companies. Cost also vary according to type of office you prefer.

Two type of office you can set up for your marketing company :

  • Office with medicine godown 
  • Office with out godown 

Office including godown: In this type, office and godown is attached. This type is very popular among all marketing companies.It is Less expensive and easily manageable type. All start up and small marketing companies use this model. In this type you require drug license for your whole premises including your office and godown. Office work and dispatch can be handled by same location. 

Office excluding godown: In this type, office is located at different location and medicine godown at different location. This type is popular among big houses, they prefer to setup office at other locations and dispatch from different locations. This is good option to separate official and dispatch work. You require wholesale drug license for godown only. In this type you have to pay rent for both office and godown separately.

Cost is calculated as per below formula:

Rent plus documentation cost plus decoration plus staff salary plus accessories

  • Suppose rent is 10000/-
  • License and documents fees: 5000-10000/-
  • Decoration: 100000/-
  • Staff salary: 10000/- per person approximately 

Above cost is for example purpose only it may vary depending upon area and city. Other than above, expenses like computer, phone, furniture, electricity bill etc. also will cost you for your office set-up.

You can calculate your head office set-up cost for any city. Now suppose, you leave decoration for future, hire only one staff other than you to handle account and calls at salary 9000/- per month, documentation cost is 5000-10000/- (one time), computer is 20000/- (one time), phone bill is 1500/- per month, rent is 10000/- per month, furniture cost is 25000/- (one time) and other expenses. From above values the starting cost will be 70500-75500/- approximate.

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