Shouldn't it time to find the substitute of Antibiotics ?

Over the last few decades medical sciences advances more than other sectors. It developed a number of method to treat many diseases. In 1928, new era of modern medical sciences was started. The discovery of a new substance that was life saving and can treat number of conditions. In Second World War, this played very vital role in preventing lives of hundreds to thousands of Soldiers and became very popular during this time.

It then named as Antibiotic. An antibiotic is an agent that either kills or inhibits the growth of a microorganism and obtained from another micro-organism. Any substance produced by a microorganism that is antagonistic to the growth of other microorganisms in high dilution is known as Antibiotic.

This is like a life circle as we studied in our Environmental Study Book. One animal make the food of other. Likewise one microorganism produced a substance that is lethal to other.

But one problem with antibiotic that are becoming matter of concern is over use of antibiotics. That has made a number of microorganism resistance to these antibiotics. Every time when a particular antibiotic has stopped to produce effect against specific microorganism, a stronger and highly group antibiotic has to be used.

One bacterial species make resistance to lower antibiotic and don’t produce any sensitivity.

Another one particular problem is that overuse of antibiotic is making human bodies more sensitive to bacterial infections. With killing of harmful bacteria, antibiotics also kill beneficiary bacteria’s that makes our body more immune to infections. Also dependency on antibiotic reducing self defending power of human body that is a major concern.

We can count a number of side effects associated with antibiotics but few as compared to positive effects of antibiotics. Use of antibiotics is essential to human life but now time has come when we have to think a more effective and safe way to treat infections.

That could be a natural healing or development of more effective herbal products that can beat antibiotics to treat infections and antibiotic associated problems.

Our Eating habit also influence the antibiotic activity. When a physician prescribe antibiotics for treatment, our eating habit alter its effect. If we are non vegetarian then chances have increased that antibiotic will produce less potency. It hard to believe but it is true and if don’t believe you have to study new research of Center for Science and Environment in Indian Capital New Delhi and surrounding region.

According to this finding all over world poultry industry uses antibiotics to maintain the health of cocks. Antibiotics make the difference in weight of cock. That is profitable but not uncommon.

We are not here to describing how to make poultry profitable but connection of theses antibiotics to our human body. Some fraction of theses antibiotics remains in the body of cocks when used to prepare chickens. Thus chicken provides us unnecessary dose of antibiotics.

But problem occurred when we required antibiotic for certain disease then theses antibiotic doesn’t produce any effect in our body because our body become habitual to these antibiotics.

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Another such example is in this category is Milk. Same antibiotics are used to treats domestic animals. Strength of these antibiotics is on higher side. And various studies suggest that antibiotics are excreted through milk, urine, sweat and other ways. When we consume antibiotic containing milk, it will make body unresponsive to these particular antibiotics.

One more example needs more research on preservative used in injections, food products, cola products and in everything that is packed for preservation from microbial growth. When we consume such products along with preservatives, what will be their effect at our body.

These are only a few examples that effect directly to body. A number of indirect chemical and antibiotics effect influenced at human body along with our environment.

One particular thing we afraid to say….. Go Green, Go Safe………. Because Pesticides used in agriculture and wastes of industry that mixed in river water and used for irrigation also add life threatening chemicals in vegetables, fruits and other. these infected foods causes much dangerous diseases like cancer, allergies etc.

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For saving our next generation’s health and safety. We have to change our full structure. Otherwise with every intake we consume, we get poisonous.

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