Start pharma business starting from zero.

I have 10+ years exp in pharma QA solid oral plants like torrent/zydus/sun.
Please guide me to start pharma business starting from zero.


First thing, you have to decide what type of business you want to start in pharma sector. You have experience in QA sector, so you can search for business related to your experience. One can do better business in his expertise area. Many small manufacturing companies can’t recruit experience staff in Quality Assurance section due to salary basis or any other mean.So, they requires some experts at regular basis those can sort out timely raised problems. This can be a business opportunity for you.

Other than this, there is number of business opportunities available in Pharma sector. You can read here: Business opportunities available in India.

Below mention steps could be beneficial for you:

  • Find out your personality traits and most suitable business to your personality.
  • Finalize which Business you want to start in Pharmaceutical sector
  • Conduct market research and pro & cons of that business
  • Make a list of Possible ways of generating sale and who could be future customers for you.
  • Find out which type of problems you could face during establishing it e.g. investment, marketing, sale, administration, management etc.
  • Possible solutions for above problems.
  • Ask question from yourself, whether you can do business alone or you need partner to handle it. Whether you can start business after living job or you need to continue job for your leaving.
  • Start initial step as soon as possible after completion of above steps.
  • If you are dependent at job for your living, then start your business as part time basis until you get enough money from it to pay all your bills.
It takes time to establish own business. Time period could be one and half year to three years depend at your capability. So you require to make a proper way for your living and expenses during this process.

Hope above information was useful to you…

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