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Hi there

I have just seen your video on youtube on Ayurvedic manufacturing etc., which is very helpful

The reason i am writing to you is to enquire about a different kind of a licence and requirement. I will explain in detail so you can advice me.

Well, I have made a Ayurvedic churn for Diabetes, this churna is not manufactured by me, what i have done is taken different  powders/churans in exact ratios and made one churan which is found to be beneficial in curing Diabetes. These different powders are bought from local market and all i do is mix them in specific ratio and make my churan for diabetes.

I am doing this process for a long time for the family, domestic purpose and not for commercial purpose. But now I want to do it on commercial basis, as I have read this is completely a safe medicine

My purpose will be to outsource the raw products (Churans/powder) from the market, mixing, packing in good quality packing and sell them in the market on a very nominal rate.

I am from ahmedabad, gujarat, and i have been to the local Ayush office here, but it was useless visit as they could not explain anything, but only explain something about loan/third party licence.

I read on google about this Loan//Third party licence, i think i would need such licence but do not know how to get one and from where to proceed.

Please if you can help in advising about —

  1. This loan/third party licence and also
  2. if I need to have a unit/shed from where I should be operating?as i am not manufacturing only mixing and assembling powers/churans.
  3. ALso on how can i get such and licence and what all douments etc is required

I would be highly grateful if you answer my questions #



After reading your mail, we have concluded two option for you…

  1. Either you can make your as Food Supplement


  1. you can make it as Ayurvedic Product

For in both case you need to take manufacturing license. For food supplement, you need FSSAI license and for ayurvedic product, you need ayurvedic manufacturing license.

Read requirements and how you can take licenses by clicking at below link:

How to start Food Supplement Company?

How to start Ayurvedic Company?

As you mention, you are only mixing. That come under manufacturing process. When you take different ingredients and mix these into a finished preparation, that fall under manufacturing process and you will need a manufacturing license for it.

As you asked by Loan licensing and Third party manufacturing, these both processes involve when you get manufactured your product from another manufacturer but brand name and company name belong to you…

In simple words, product will have your company name and your brand name but will be manufactured by an another manufacturing unit which have a valid manufacturing license number.

Read About Third Party Manufacturing by clicking here

Hope above information is helpful to you…..

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