Is it mandatory to take FSSAI registration for Veterinary Supplements?


For starting marketing company with veterinary supplement e.g. Liquid calcium Supplement, is it necessary for FSSAI registration as it is not containing any API?
And also as my income would be less than 2 Lakhs, is it mandatory to register for GST at the time of starting a marketing..

If you are selling any food and feed supplement, you have to apply for FSSAI registration. It is mandatory. API stands for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. At pharmaceutical ingredients FSSAI doesn’t applicable. FSSAI only applicable to food, feed and dietary supplements.Read complete procedure for registration: How to Start Food and Feed Supplements marketing and manufacturing Company?

GST has not any correlation to your personal income. Your firm turnover and income comes under GST department.

For turnover above 20 lakh, GST number is mandatory, otherwise you can do business without GST.
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