How to start pcd franchise marketing?


I have 32 years experience in different hospitals and good rapo with doctors. So i would like to start pcd business please guide me.


You can easily successful in pcd marketing if you have good links with doctors. But you should be aware about doctor’s need. There is number of PCD companies available in India, so it will not be difficult to associate with any one.

You should prepare youself before associating with any company. Read things before associating with any PCD pharma company.

We will recommend you to talk to two to three doctors (more if possible) about your decision. Ask them what they can help you in this process. Try to find out they can give you some sale or not. If any doctor who has good number of OPD and want to join you on this then you can start along with him also.

  • Prepare list of molecules that are commonly prescribed by your known doctors. Or prepare list by consulting them.
  • Appoint a distributor if you don’t have own arrangement.
  • After that choose company which have molecules in his product range that is required by you… Complete about how to start Pharma Franchise Marketing Here?

Hope above information is useful to you…

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