How to start Manufacturing of Multivitamin Capsules?

Hi m —- I want to manufacture multivitamin capsules in India which are having us formula. How can this possible please give me information how I get permission and expenses for that 


Multivitamins could be manufactured in Pharma as well as Food/Dietary Supplements. If you only want to manufacture single product then manufacture it in Food and Dietary Supplements.

For manufacturing multivitamin capsules in supplements, you need FSSAI manufacturing license at state level. You can read detail how to start at our article: How to start Food supplement company?

Formula should comply with the norms of FSSAI guidelines. FSSAI has fixed a lower and a upper limit to add vitamins and other dietary supplements in you formulations. You have to check your formulation accordingly.

Find complete details at Food Safety and Standard Regulation by clicking here

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