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How to start Liquid manufacturing company?


I want to start a pharma manufacturing Syrup company . Please give me good response


Liquid manufacturing unit is easy to start and you will require minimum of 10 square meter space for premises to start liquid manufacturing company. First you have to complete all documentations and requirement to start pharma manufacturing company. Read all requirements to start pharma manufacturing company here

Complete all requirements for documentations and layout. You need to send quotation to machinery manufacturers. Machinery required for Liquid filling section is as follow:

  • Mixing and storage tanks (stainless steel),
  • Jacketted Kettle / Stainless steel tank (steam, gas or electrically heated).
  • Portable stirrer (electrically operated)
  • A colloid mill or suitable emulsifier (electrically operated)
  • Suitable filtration equipment (electrically operated)
  • Semi-automatic/automatic bottle filling machine
  • Pilfer proof cap sealing machine.
  • Water distillation unit or deioniser
  • Clarity testing inspection units

more machinery detail read our article: Machinery and space required for Pharmaceutical manufacturing unit

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