How to start Ayurvedic Products Marketing?

I want to start Ayurvedic Medicine Marketing. Initially I want to Start by Partnership firm. I have read your posts and these were of great help. I am having problems in the process. Please Help.

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Query one: I have partnership deed, pan card. So I need trade license before contacting third party manufacturer.

Response: You will need only GST number for sale and purchase or goods….
Query Two: What other documents I need before contacting the Ayurvedic third party manufacturer?
Response: No documents other than specify above is needed. Only third party manufacturing agreement, you should signed with manufacturer.

Query Three: Can I start business by ordering products to manufacturer before registration of Firm.

Response: You can give order but you should wait for registration of your firm

Query Four: I want the “Marketing By” Address be at Ahmedabad. I shall not do business at Ahmedabad. My working area will be West Bangal. DO I need to rent a place there. Can it be a Residential Address? Do I need trade license at Ahmedabad?

Response: You will not need to take trade license at Ahmedabad. You require trade license at premises from where you will handle sales and purchase of product. You can show your sales or admin office there. Address you are showing could be residential address too.

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