How to start Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company?


We are doing distributions and sale FMCG product tamil nadu. We want start Ayurved manufacturing company. Only – soap, shampoo, hair oil, conditioner we want manufacture first. Can you help.
How much first cost will be. What procedure steps.

For starting Ayurvedic Manufacturing company, you need to complete all requirements as discussed in our Article: How to start Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company?

In above linked article, we discuss about machinery used in Liquid manufacturing, tablet and capsule manufacturing etc. For Ayurvedic Soap, Samphoo, Hair oil and Conditioner you have to use different manufacturing method and machinery but requirements for license will be same.

For Oil, Shampoo and conditioner, you will require mainly mixing and preparation tanks, filling machine etc. For soap, you will require soap dies along with other equipements.

Cost will be depend at machinery: Filling machine cost is approximately —–, tanks cost is approx. —–/- per tank and could require more than two tanks. Documentation and approval cost may be nearly fifty thousands.

Procedure for starting:

  • First finalize a premises where you want to start 
  • Finalize machinery and equipements 
  • Complete all documentation and requirements 
  • Apply for Ayurvedic Manufacturing License 
  • After manufacturing license start manufacturing 

Hope this information will be helpful to you…

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