How to sell Herbal Plant in Market?

I have farmland, and wish to grow herbal plants, Can you please guide , where can I find market for these herbal plants and what are the different herbs that I can plant in my farmland.


For marketing of herbal plants, you will need to contact Ayurvedic and Herbal product manufacturers who use these plants as raw material. You can choose either of methods used for marketing from different methods. Follow following steps to market your herbal plants:

  • Search list of Ayurvedic Herbal Companies
  • Collect and make a directory with contact number, address and E-mail Id’s of each company
  • Contact through phone numbers or send them mail regarding your proposal of herbal plants you cultivate
  • Separate interested and non interested contacts
  • Send best rates for interested contact and follow-up for the same
  • Finalize the deal and start trading

Or you can build a website for your herbal plants and promote it online to get response from interested companies at your products.

Most commonly used marketing methods are:

You can cultivate any herbs that are in good demand in market like turmeric, aloevera, basil, caraway, garlic, fennel, dill, lavender, mints etc. 

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