How to manufacture same combinations in Ayurvedic Products?


I am a doctor by profession and would like to start up my own brand of herbal products with third party manufacturing. All the products are herbal/natural in nature. the third party already has registration for the products with ayush and FSSAI. But i do not want to use his brand name and rather want to sell same combination under different brand name. Can i do it? What licensing/registration will i have to take for the same?


You can simply talk to manufacturer about, you want to get manufactured this products at third party basis. You will only need to have Brand Name and Company Name. For Ayurvedic Products you don’t need any license, you need only sale tax number. If possible then company registration.

If manufacturer is not ready to manufacture these at third party basis, then you can contact to any other manufacturer. Products approved by AYUSH department can’t be manufactured in same combination by other Ayurvedic Manufacturer but products approved by FSSAI, can be manufactured in same combination by all food supplement manufacturers.

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