How to increase Ayurvedic Medicine Business?

We have our shop of Ayurvedic medicine in a small town. I want to increase our business on large scale. I want suggestion ,how to increase and how its scope.


As you mentioned, you have Ayurvedic Medicines shop. At present Ayurvedic Medicine demands is on higher side. Baba Ramdev has build a strong market for ayurvedic medicines. People have started to believe at Ayurvedic and Herbals products again. Demand is increasing hence scope is increasing. Ayurvedic products market is growing with approx. 35% annually.

You could have many option to increase your business at large scale:

Distribution and Stockist ship of Big Names in Ayurvedic Segments: 

You can take stockist ship or distribution of any big name ayurvedic companies like Patanjali, Dabur, Himami, Himayala etc. Along with shop, wholesale and stockist ship could have good idea. As demands increasing, it could be good business. Stockist ship will increase your exposer in market. It will build relationship with other shopkeepers also.

Ayurvedic Chain: 

You can start your own ayurvedic shop chain with name you already using. You can start chain by opening new shop in same city at different location or in case city is so small, you can start new shop in near by town or city. If you don’t want to start chain at your own, you can search for franchise for your retail chain. Store chain is very popular concept and successful too.

Own Marketing Company: 

You can start with your own marketed by own brands with starting new marketing company. You can sell these products at your own medicines shop along with finding new distributors locally or throughout India. It will be helpful for you increase your business at India level. You can start it with even with single brand like hair oil, pain oil etc.

Hope above information was useful to you…

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