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I want to deal in ayurvedic products like shilajit, salam, panja garlic.I want to export. Can i get registration to export these productsResponse:
For exporting Ayurvedic products, you need free trade export license. read documents and procedure for export of Ayurvedic 
You can read general requirements for exporting Ayurvedic medicine in this article. You can export your mentioned ayurvedic products after fulfilling all requirements that are required by export department of India and Import department of country to which you want to export.

Related Query 2:
I wants to start Papaya leaf extract and capsules manufacturing and export. Please advise me that what are license to be obtained and where shall I get technical know-how for manufacturing process.Response:
For manufacturing of papaya leaf extract and capsule manufacturing, you will need Ayurvedic manufacturing license. Read whole process for taking Ayurvedic License by clicking here
For export, you have to apply for IEC (import/export code) and free trade license. Read complete process of exporting ayurvedic medicines by clicking here
Technical guidance you can take from manufacturers already manufacturing papaya leaf extract.

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