How to Choose New Start-UP Name?


I am ———— from Sri Lanka and i am planning to start a phama distribution . i went through your site and i need a name for my distribution company. i am looking for a name which can be pronounce easily and can be remembered . hope you can help me to create one.


you can choose name by considering factors discusses in Article: How to choose name for Start-Ups?

Your e-mail name seems good for company Name, you can choose: I—- Pharma or —h Pharma/Biotechniques/life sciences etc.

First Talk about Last names. It could be Life Sciences, Pharma, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Biotechniques, Labs, Laboratories etc.

First Name, you can fix based upon name of cities of foreign countries like Bangkok, Pattaya (Thialand), Kuwait, American, Roxas (Philippines) etc. Common daily used words or things like Apple, Quince, Sun etc. or any other local famous words.

Few suggestions are:

Sole Pharma
Luna Life Sciences
Progressive Bio
Bio Sole

Hope above information is helpful to you…

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