How to build strong distribution channel for Food Supplement Distribution Company?


Please guide me how to start my marketing activities by developing a sound distributor network. I am not Manufacturer but have started a marketing firm.
Also guide us in finding commission based marketing person.


As we discussed about marketing activities how to develop sound distributor network. Finding a sound distributors network is not easy as it feels in first look. As you are starting with nutraceutical products, these products has huge demand in market at that time. But one main problem for nutraceuticals is that they have one and half year of expiry, and if you don’t have good distribution network, then it is possible for met with expiry of these products.

As we discussed, we only recommend you to start with smallest possible batch size for each products. Before launching product, market research is also necessary. For good distribution network,

  • Place ad at business portals, online ad, print media ad or drug books etc for distribution proposal 
  • Build website and promote it to get inquiries 
  • Your first requirement is to get inquiries for your products. More inquiries you will have, more chances to find better distributor 
  • Hire marketing persons who have good relationship in market but it’s good to handle all marketing and sales related work himself to get better results 
  • Meet with distributors district wise or state wise as you prefer. give them best proposals for your products 
  • Use your relationship to convert these to business opportunities 

It takes time to build strong distribution network. You have to be patience during your journey. In starting, you will find difficulties in setting up your network but once you will find few good distributors, it will not be difficult for you to expand. According to entrepreneur survey, it takes nearly 2-3 years for any new born company to establish itself.

Commission based marketing professions are difficult to find, you can read How to search for marketing persons as commission basis ? for more detail about commission basis marketing persons. Or you can also indicate at your ad for requirement for commission basis persons.

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